I’m taking the next week and a half off from work to knock on doors and make phone calls for McGinn. Here’s why.

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As you can probably tell, I’m supporting Mayor McGinn again this year–and while it may be tempting to assume that I’m supporting him because I work for him, I can assure you that quite the opposite is actually true: the only reason I’m working for the City right now is because of how much I personally believe in Mike McGinn (see here for my reasons, if you’re not convinced yet).

I’m taking that support one step further effective today by taking the next week and a half off of work to canvass and make phone calls full-time between now and the election. For those of you who aren’t familiar with campaign mechanics, there are two primary ways to get votes: with money or with volunteers. Money pays for TV ads and mailers (aka paid voter contact), but volunteers get you something infinitely more valuable: direct, voter-to-voter interaction, which is pound-for-pound the most effective thing that you can do with your time if you want to see Mike McGinn re-elected as much as I do.

If you care about better transit, gigabit-speed broadband, race and social justice, environmental sustainability, or any of the Mayor’s other priority issues, this is the time to get out there and make a difference. In the 2009 primary—which wasn’t as crowded as this year’s—there were only 3,316 votes separating McGinn in first place from Nickels in third place. It’s likely to be an even closer primary this year, and frankly it’s impossible to tell at this point which two candidates are going to make it through.

I try to put my money where my mouth is (and vacation time is much more valuable to me than money), so today I’m leading by example and asking you to join me in volunteering for McGinn between now and election day. You don’t have to take a week off from work to do it, either—the McGinn for Mayor ground game that you read so much about back in 2009 is up and running again full force, and we can get you plugged in 7 days a week as your schedule allows between now and August 6th.

The 2004 Presidential election was my original impetus for getting involved in politics back in 2008. I’m sure you can remember where you were when the results were finalized and how it felt to have lost the Presidency by such a slim margin—if you want to avoid having that same feeling about the mayor’s race on August 6th, now’s the time to do something about it while you still can. Ping me directly, or go to mcginnformayor.com/volunteer to sign up via Google form…and if you want to deck out your social media accounts in McGinn paraphernalia, take a quick trip to mcginnformayor.com/social for some ready-made images.

I’ll look forward to seeing you out there :)

2 thoughts on “I’m taking the next week and a half off from work to knock on doors and make phone calls for McGinn. Here’s why.

    • Unfortunately I came down with something on Wednesday, though, and I’ve been out of commission at home ever since. Fingers crossed that I’m back on my feet tomorrow.

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